Infinity Scarf Tutorial and Amazing DEEMA Hand-Dyed Giveaway

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To celebrate the birthday over at DEEMA’s Rainbows, we are hosting an awesome giveaway and tutorial for using this great hand dyed Bamboo Jersey Knit swirled in Bold Primary. Up for grabs is one yard of Hemp Jersey also in Bold Primary Swirls.

Now, on to the tutorial!!

Short Scarf – finished scarf measures 59″ around and 12″ deep

(Long Scarf – finished scarf measures 90″ around and 12″ deep, Materials Needed: 1 and 1/2 yards of 60″ wide lightweight knit fabric, such as jersey)

Materials Needed:

Cutting Instructions:

  • Cut one strip of fabric across the full 60″ width and 25″ wide.

Assembly Instructions

Fold fabric in half, with RIGHT sides of fabric facing each other and matching long cut edges. Pin together.
Beginning 3″ from one end, stitch long edge in a ½” seam. Stop stitching 3″ from other end.
Press seam flat to blend stitches; press seam open.
Turn scarf RIGHT side out.
Open short ends of scarf.
Place short ends with RIGHT sides together, lining up cut edges. Pin together.
Stitch short edges together in a ½” seam.
Press seam flat to blend stitches; press seam open.
Turn scarf so that seam allowances roll to the inside.
Slip stitch opening closed.
Now, enter below to win a yard for yourself!!

*You can find the original tutorial at Simplicity.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! The scarf is lovely. I had a good day teaching school and coming home to an evening of playing Candyland and reading Winnie the Pooh. I hope you had a great day too! Pamela

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