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The Vagabond Studio

All too often we get caught up in the Christmas and holiday season.
It seems as if the day after Halloween only marks the spiral of list checking-off that leads up to Christmas. We stress about things like travels, paying for holiday gifts and such and forget to think about what this beautiful season really represents.
I want to kick off the month by saying that I am thankful for my amazing hubby. I know it’s cliche and probably an expected response but he has truly been a blessing lately. Almost two months ago he made the decision to work from home and develop our store’s website, even if it meant cutting his income almost in half. At first, I was completely stressed out about it knowing that we are heading into the winter months which not only means a decrease in business but an increase in bills and holiday expenses. Not to mention I had only recently found out I’m pregnant so that was just an added stressor.

Lately, I’ve been feeling more exhausted and I’ve still been getting frequent rip-your-hair-out migraines.  Not only has it made me feel more antisocial but I’ve been slacking with housework. Before I know it, there are piles among piles of dishes stacked up and begging to be washed, the cabinets bare of clean ones to use for future meals. Diaper laundry needs to be done and there are hardly any groceries left to eat. Yesterday my hubby did all the dishes in the house, cleaned up all his laundry in our room, swept the entire main level which is all wood flooring, and cleaned my daughter’s play room downstairs. I didn’t once have to ask him to do anything and instead was free to do some much needed grocery shopping in peace without my toddler begging for something or slowing us down.

As great of a daddy and husband as Jake was before, he’s definitely been SuperDad these past few weeks. He does a majority of the diaper changes and putting her down to bed as well as the overall playing with her, or anything that’s high energy to help burn off hers. It makes me fall more and more in love with him each day and dare I say it he becomes increasingly more attractive as well??

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  1. TheVagabondStudio says:

    Aw – so sweet! I love that he’s helping you out when you don’t feel so well. ♥

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