Intelligender Gender Prediction Test

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The moment you find out that you’re expecting a child, the thought of boy or girl pops up. There are so many things that you’ll want to stock up on before the baby comes such as clothing, bedding, nursery decorating and other accessories and it seems like it’s getting harder to keep things completely gender neutral. Although an ultrasound is generally done at about 20 weeks, it sure is fun to guess which gender you may be having. Even more fun to take a little test for it.

Kit in boxIntelligender is an super easy to use urine based test meaning it analyzes urine to determine it’s results. Since this test can be taken as early as 10 weeks along it’s a fun little way to help with the anticipation of the actual ultrasound.

You simply collect your first morning’s urine and use the included syringe to insert urine into the top of the testing container. A little swish to mix and withing minutes the color of the solution is supposed to tell you whether you’re carrying a girl or boy. The girl result ranges from a reddish to yellow orange color. Boy is a dark greenish to brown looking color. 
boy result
With two independent studies the test ranges from 87-89 % accuracy. =)
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