Savor These Moments

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Tonight we went out to a lovely dinner at Johnny Carino’s with my hubby’s family for my sister in law’s birthday. I love when Natalia gets a chance to run around and be crazy with other kiddos. We came back to our house for brownies and ice cream with everyone and the she ran around with her two little cousins until she pretty much wore herself out. Not long after they all left she made it pretty clear that it was bedtime and I got her down to bed (having to go in there to get her back in bed several times).

One particular time I went in there and we just snuggled for a few minutes to get her to hopefully stay in bed. I found myself studying every detail of her little face, her mannerisms and just wanting to be as near to her for those few extra moments as I could. Although she no longer has a bottle at all, she does still fall asleep with a pacifier. I leaned in to give her a kiss right as she was popping it in and ended up giving her Eskimo kisses instead. She’s never been much of a nose girl but maybe because of her deliriousness she found it unbearably funny and could not stop laughing every time our noses touched. It went on like that for 15 minutes or so.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in our day or getting things done that we forget to cherish those beautiful little moments before they are all-too-soon gone.  Instead of looking at it as spending quality time with our child we see it as an issue that causes us to stop what we’re doing and go put her back to bed. I remember when we first brought her home and I would just stare at her for hours. Memorizing her slightly crooked smile and getting to know the amazing little personality she has been developing. I would put off household chores or projects that I wanted to do, knowing that there would be other times for doing those things and only one moment of what was going on with our new baby in that second.

It feels like there’s always something that we’re cheering our children on to learn whether it be learning to crawl, walk, or talk that we forget to enjoy those in between moments. Have you ever heard someone say ‘oh how things were easier before she was mobile or could talk back’? I catch myself falling in that same category sometimes and try to remind myself of how much I will miss these days when she fought sleeping just for a little extra cuddle time and spoke in her own adorable language that came loaded with unique facial expressions.

I think knowing that another baby on the way has got me feeling a bit sentimental about the almost two years that have already passed with my lovable little girl. Before long there will be a brand new person to get to know and I don’t want to get so caught up in that that I forget to keep absorbing every moment I can with my toddler.
I hate to tell you, but your parents were right, the time flies by without you even knowing it and with nothing you can do except be present.

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