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For having this be my first link up party I think we hit the gold mine on some awesome stuff!

With Halloween coming up, check out this adorable handmade costume from Domestically Seasoned.
How cool to modify a hoodie to make a costume that not only looks cute but is easy for a toddler to wear.

I hold a degree in art and yet I’m always amazed at how a few household objects  and a couple spare minutes can create something beautiful to hang in your home. Plus, this idea from The Vagabond Studio is easy enough to have your toddler help out!

I hate having to buy chicken broth, especially when The Frugal Foodie Mama shows you just how extremely easy it is to make your own with what you would normally toss into the garbage!!
I’m still a Missouri girl at heart and these St Louis style ribs from DeDa Studios sure hit the stomach in that sweet spot that only homemade comfort food really can. Plus, they’re easy enough that you just toss them in the slow cooker!
I’ve never made my own noodles before but this recipe from A Girls Gotta Nest makes it seem like anyone can do it. I think I know a recipe I’ll be adding to a meal plan of our pretty soon in the future.
One of my favorite go to meals for a family is pizza. What’s even better is homemade pizza with tasty homemade dough! Be sure to check out this great recipe from Happy Green Mama. =)
Overall, pretty successful link up party if you ask me!!
Be sure you awesome ladies grab the featured button below! & also, be on the look out for this week’s link up party starting Friday and will run through Sunday evening. =)

Going Green with the Grizls
Going Green with the Grizls

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  1. Thank you for featuring my chicken broth! Hey, my broth would go great with those homemade noodles! 😉
    Grabbing my button now, lady!

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