Baby Bump Journal

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baby bump journa;
Well, I definitely feel like I’ve been slacking on this. Maybe it’s just because there hasn’t been anything eventful to write about since my last bump journal post. Either way, I’m hoping that things will start changing enough to at least keep some interest and keep these posts from all sounding the same.
We normally post on Wednesdays, but it’s easier for me to remember to post on the day that marks a new week in the pregnancy. If you remember back, I was posting on Fridays but Friday the 5th I had my first appointment and my due date changed, putting my new ‘week’ on Sundays.

15 week baby bump
With the change of due date to April 7th, this puts me at 15 weeks today. At 15 weeks, baby is the size of an apple. All the internal organs are completely developed and limbs are able to move about freely.  
I’m also excited because I felt the baby move for the first time this morning. 😉
I’m weighing in at about 104 which puts me at 5 pounds of weight gain or so, so I’m right on track. I actually gained 50 pounds with Talia and although I’m hoping I don’t gain that much this time around, it wasn’t too bad for starting at a weight under 100 pounds and I was back around my normal size in about 3 weeks.
14 week ultrasoundSince it was my first appointment they did an ultrasound. They do this to check things like the state of your ovaries, verify your due date, that sort of thing. They also did a blood draw which is almost always my least favorite part. I felt a bit bad because they whisked me from the exam room back to ultrasound and hubby missed it. He wasn’t too upset since they really only were focused on getting correct measurements rather than checking over anatomy.

Then I was taken back to the exam room and he and Talia came with me back to the lab for the blood draw. I honestly thought I’d need a hand to hold either while it was being done or at least back to the exam room. (I almost always get faint and nearly pass out.) The nurse was really great and very caring thought and I barely even felt the needle. I did almost immediately regret my family coming back there with me because Talia was pretty upset that they were poking mommy, and maybe at the sight of blood.

The only real negative thing I’ve been dealing with are terrible migraines. They hit somewhere around mid-afternoon (2 to 3pm-ish) and get stronger as the night goes on. I’ve probably had the same headache for over a week now and it never full goes away, just kinda dulls here and there. So far today, nothing but maybe that’s because my hubby was gracious enough to let me sleep in (until 11:15 nonetheless!) and I actually slept decent last night.

We all know there’s only so many nights of decent sleep left to get before we’re back to no sleep at all… Hahah.

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  1. I think this is my favorite “baby bump” time! When you can just start to see it…. so cute! 🙂

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