Have You Tried earthLINGZ Diapers Yet??

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A while ago I was introduced to earthLINGZ diapers. I really liked the idea behind having an all fleece diaper and had never given one a try before. Let me just show you what all an earthLINGZ diaper includes.

cloth diaper and two soakes
On the left is the diaper outer or shell. It features a fold down rise style which means that if you want to adjust the rise to be shorter or smaller then you just fold down the front and there’s another set of snaps to use with the wings. There are three snaps on each wing so that you can be sure to get a good, snug fit. There are also two inserts and a booster included. At first, this might seem a little daunting so I’ve included a couple more photos to show you just how to assemble it. =)
cloth diaper and snap in soakers

Okay, so one of the inserts has snaps on both side of one end. The snaps line up with those provided on the diaper outer so that you can snap in your insert and not worry about it moving around while your little one is wearing it. You’ll notice there’s another set of snap on the top side of this insert.
cloth diaper soakers snapped in
You could just use the diaper with one insert but it’s much more beneficial to use with both. You’ll notice in this photo that the other insert snaps right into place on top of the first. I’m sure you could lay it right in but again, the snaps really make sure that everything stays in place. I have an active toddler that’s 21 months old so we need all the extra help we can get. 😉 You can then just lay the booster on top. I almost always use it if I’m planning to use the diaper as a nighttime solution. If it’s during the daytime I usually just skip it because the diaper works well enough without it.

toddler in cloth diaperPros:

I’m actually a fan of snaps so that was a big plus for me. I know a lot of other cloth diapering families prefer other closure methods though. However, we didn’t start cloth diapering until my little girl was already 9 months or so and was able to get off aplix (velcro) diapers so snaps have been a necessity around here.
I think this particular diaper has really made me a fleece fan. I’ve been able to use the diaper leak free for an entire night. That being said, my little girl sleeps from about 8 pm to 8 or 9 am so a diaper that can last 12-13 hours and still be dry totally gets an A in my book!
I do really like the options when it comes to the inserts. If my daughter was to get a rash I’d purposely only use one insert at a time. Why? Because as a fitted, it would get damp faster and therefore need to be changed more frequently. I’m always a fan of more frequent diaper changes to help speed the recovery from a rash or sore of any kind.
I wasn’t originally planning to mention that a snap popped off. I make diapers for my little girl anyways so I had the tools on hand to replace it easily. However, I decided to mention it because Terra told me that they have a lifetime snap replacement. I don’t know of many other diaper companies that offer the replacement guarantee as a lifetime one. I think that’s pretty amazing!!


As great as fleece diaper are, they can be susceptible to compression leaks. Basically if you snap the diaper too snug and say you use all three inserts, it can actually cause it to become damp quicker. This isn’t an issue with earthLINGZ in particular, just fleece itself.
If you look at the photo above you may notice a little cheek peekage.
 Yeah, I just made that term up. Really I just mean that my little girl’s bum appears to not be fully covered. 
**This doesn’t seem to actually affect how the diaper works. As I said, she still lasts 12-13 hours at night and stays dry. she stays dry during the day as well. another thing is that we actually have issues with AI2 styles with lay in or snap in soakers that bunch up. This diaper, however, is narrower in the crotch than some others that we have and because of the contoured inserts, there’s no bunching!
So really not a con at all in our case!

*Added note: This diaper was made using an older pattern and has been altered to have longer wings and wider in the bum area. 😉

I also want to give one last HUGE thanks to earthLINGZ diapers for being an amazing sponsor of the Fall in Love with Handmade giveaway even that we had earlier this month.
You can keep up with them on their Facebook page as well. =) Also, check out the etsy shop, there was a new stocking today that features some EXTREMELY cute diapers in new color combos and even some that are a little more boyish. 😉
**Disclosure: These are 100% my words and opinions. I was not paid to complete this review; I did however receive a complimentary product for review purposes. I was in no way required to write a positive review, but was encouraged to write an honest review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. ** 

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4 Responses

  1. Shai Smith says:

    These are super cute!! I’ll have to give them a try! ♄

  2. Love when companies have lifetime guarantees for ANYTHING! <3 good customer service!

  3. Shannon says:

    I am excited to try one of these! I am getting one to review and just waiting on it in the mail. I can’t wait!!!

  4. Shannon says:

    Plus…I even got to meet the creator of these diapers back in April 🙂

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