Baby Bump Journal

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baby bump journal
Well, tomorrow will mark 8 weeks for me and this is my first entry for the Baby Bump Journal. I’ve been keeping a good old fashioned pencil and paper journal in a spiral notebook but I’m hoping to do a better job of keeping up with one if it’s on my blog; a place I visit every day.
8 week baby bump
Yep, that’s the bump at 8 weeks. For those of you that know me, that actually is showing a bit, lol. 
At 8 weeks, baby is the size of a raspberry. =)
According to the math and my last cycle, I should be due on April 12, 2013.
For this little one we are hoping to have a very low key, intimate home birth. I believe I’ve written about it before, but after having Talia in the hospital and thinking I had a nice easy birth, I now realize that it was all the little things that made it an unpleasant experience. First off, I was induced a week early. The doctors really had no reason to do so other than getting it on their books before the end of the year. With being induced comes the use of drugs like Pitocin. the contractions it brought on were long and strong, not to mention unnatural. If my body would have been left to do it’s own thing they would have inevitably been a bit less painful. Not to mention my body would’ve been producing the natural cocktail of hormones that would’ve helped with the pain. Instead, I got an epidural. In the moment I thought it was a lifesaver and even allowed me to take a two hour nap just before actually giving birth. In reality, I still have pain at the point of my spine where it was at. I thought I had done well since I only had to push through 4 contractions before our baby girl entered the world, but the epidural medication had been increased and the time between doses decreased so I felt no pressure at all and had to be told when I was having contractions to push. I also had tearing so there were stitches involved. I’m not sure how many, I just know that there wasn’t a proper amount of “slack before the knot and my skin tried to heal over it so I had to have another doctor appointment for that very painful error. I also didn’t get to see my daughter until about an hour after she was born and wasn’t given the opportunity to try breastfeeding until she was already a couple hours old. The nurses I had after being moved to the maternity ward were terrible. they did not respond to being paged and then the nurses at the desk scolded my hubby for going directly to them to try to get things taken care of. I mean, one nurse didn’t want to help me bathe and also drew my blood in the dark leaving me with a bruise the size of a softball on the inside of my elbow and the color of an eggplant.
Doesn’t a nice, less painful, more caring birth at home sound like a much more memorable experience? If you think I’m nuts for even considering it, take the time to watch the documentary The Business of Being Born. It’s an eye opener.
At this point I’m weighing in at 99 pounds craving the heck out of carbs –breads, dry cereal, pasta, all of it. I also thought that whole dill pickles sounded amazing and after buying a jar on Sunday I only have 2 left, which will most certainly be eaten today. 😉 Don’t worry, I eat them by themselves and not with ice cream or anything crazy.
I’m taking my prenatals daily and they’re the best I’ve come across. New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal. What I love is that they’re actually made with organic foods so you can even take them on an empty stomach if need be without feeling like crud after. I’ve been having quite a bit more nausea this time around than last but I never even vomited on my first so when you have a pregnancy that great first, any little difference seems like hell.

So far my taste isn’t off yet but I really hate cooking. Every little smells makes me want to gag.

So, not a TON going on at this point, but that’ll change soon enough! 

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7 Responses

  1. i admire you for wanting to have a home birth… im very paranoid even though i too had a horrible hospital experience with ashton which i wont be using that hospital with #3. My husband just would rather be in a hospital. then again we have been thru some tragic things.. but i do admire you.. kassandra. cant wait to read next weeks.

  2. Man those raspberries take up a lot of space! The hospital was a huge waste of time for me because I give birth in like.. seconds. lol. If I ever wanted a 3rd it would definitely have to be at home!

  3. Vikki Little says:

    Congrats Kassandra! I too was induced with my oldest son. Although he wanted to come 4weeks early! I hope you get a nicer delivery this time. My second time was way different to my first and actually way better…..

  4. Your belly looks so cute. I can’t wait to see you at about 30 weeks
    🙂 Oh and thanks for sharing your prenatel brand. I have been shopping around. I amy have to try those.

  5. Ka-nort-knee says:

    Congrats! We’re expecting #2 as well. I’m due only a few days ahead of you, April 7th.

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