10 Little Things

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My hubby told me once when we first met about his most favorite gift he had ever received. He had gotten it as a Christmas gift one year. It wasn’t anything fancy, techy, or even store bought. In fact, it was a little handwritten note from his sister, Jess, that had a list of things she loved about him.

For those of you with siblings, think of how many times you fight with them, can’t get along with them, or even sometimes hurt them. I know he used to tease her incessantly that she was adopted because both parents and three of four children have dark hair and dark eyes. Jessica has red hair and green eyes. Even though Jake is the youngest, he was also the “little devil” so that didn’t stop him from still poking fun at his sister. You can see in this photo how it could hurt your feelings when you really do look like you could’ve been adopted. This photo was taken last July or August, but it was the most recent one we have of them all together. (Don’t hate me Jess for posting a super pregnant photo! ;))

Anyhow, a prompt that we had for the Summer Blog Challenge (which I haven’t really been participating in lately) was to list 10 things you love about your significant other.

  1. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to provide for our family. He doesn’t take short cuts or the easy way out and would probably have 5 jobs at a time if he needed to.
  2. He has a magic touch with our little girl. Even if she’s a crazy monster all day with me as soon as he gets home and hugs her, she’s Daddy’s little angel. 
  3. He’s genuinely funny.
  4. He’s generous & always willing to help others.
  5. He’s relaxed and not uptight about things like money, appearances and me needing to have the house in immaculate condition.
  6. Now that I’m pregnant with #2, I eat a lot. He always lets me eat the extra portions at dinner. 😉
  7. He’s an amazing cook. 
  8. He makes beautiful babies. He’s already confirmed this once and as soon as we meet this new little one, I’m sure we can make that twice. =)
  9. His smile.
  10. He backs up my decisions to eat healthy, cloth diaper, co sleep, breastfeed, and even my most recent choice to have a natural home birth. 

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