Gardening with your children Guest Post by Sage @ My Name is Sage

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Today we have an awesome guest post from Sage at My Name is Sage. She talks about the importance of gardening with your children. –something my little bug LOVES to help with!

my name is Sage

I’ve been planting flowers and herbs with my kids for a few years now, but this year we decided to grow some fruits and veggies. I was a little intimidated about growing an indoor container garden, but it has been pretty successful.

carrot plants
We had big ideas of all the delicious things we wanted to plant, but we decided to take baby steps and start small. We planted cucumbers, tomatoes, chives, carrots, spinach, and onions.

I love that our morning routine now involves “oohs and aahs” from the kids as they inspect changes in the plants from the night before. We have our container garden set up in the kitchen so despite our busy schedule or the weather, we can watch the plants transform and grow daily.

I think the best part is seeing how the kids truly appreciate the time it takes for vegetables to grow. They acknowledge the work involved in planting and harvesting. It’s cool to watch them eat what they grow. I am proud of them, and I think they are pretty proud of themselves as well.

Growing a garden with my kids has had so many benefits. We are spending time together, learning, making memories, and growing healthy food to eat. The kids are being responsible and participating in an environmentally friendly activity.

I’m also teaching them how to be frugal while gardening. We have recycled plastic baby wipe containers into planters. We removed the plastic lid and made drainage holes on the bottom.  Afterwards, you are left with a durable, rectangular planter. Some of our local stores are already placing seasonal garden items on clearance. Now is a great time to stock up for fall planting or for next spring’s garden.

We already have plans for what else we want to grow soon. 
Are you growing anything? Do your kids enjoy gardening?

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  1. Green Grandma says:

    I started gardening with my granddaughter last year when she was 2. She was eager to start again this year. 15 minutes after we planted our peas, she said, “Let’s go see if the peas are ready yet.” She’s learning about the whole process and loving it!

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