Happy Father’s Day!

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First person to hold her. =)

Holidays around here don’t get as much attention as they may in other homes. Our personal family holidays are all mashed up together and it’s a tad overwhelming to make a big sha-bang out of every one. For example, Christmas is December 25th, our anniversary on the 27th, and Ladybug’s birthday on the 31st. In February you’ve got Valentine’s Day and a week later both J Grizl and my birthday.

Favorite bathtime buddy. =)

It seems like every holiday that comes along is one that is “shared” considering we even have the exact same birthday so when it comes to Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, I think we’re just still kinda new to the idea of it to really make a big deal of it. We usually only do small gifts for each other for holidays like Christmas and such but never get something really big for each other. Well, the Christmas before we got married he did get me a Nikon D40 camera. We usually just buy a bigger ticket item for our home or something that will get used a lot.

Tummy Time.

What can I say, we would rather have an experience together as a family than focus on what material items may come of it. Plus, I find it hard to justify spending the money on typical gift item ideas likes purses, clothing, etc when I can either make them myself or the item just won’t get used often. 

I love these little moments.
Anyway, I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation of my dear hubby for how great of a Daddy he really is. he;s so willing to take the night shift with our little girl and be the one who cares for her when she wakes. I’ve been especially appreciative this last week because P Grizl had some allergy like sickness going on that was paired with a nice little fever for a few days. She wasn’t sleeping because she could hardly breathe and he still took care of her every night and then woke to go to work in the morning.

He’s the superhero that swoops in when I’ve heard too much whining for the day or I just need a break, and for that I’m truly grateful. Anybody can be a father but it takes a real man to be a loving, nurturing, playful daddy. <3

My two loves.

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  1. These are very beautiful daddy shots. You can really see the connection between them. I posted one of my husband and my daughter in your summer blog. You should check it out.. I am very proud of it.
    Have a good week.

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