Free Write Fridays

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 Along with my attempt to regulate my blog a bit with Wordless Wednesday ( which I realize last week was mostly words but it was still a thoughtful post), I’m adding Free-Write Friday as a little trial run. I did quite a bit of writing in high school between my creative writing class, yearbook, and obviously papers and projects for other classes. Thing is, I actually used to be pretty good at. Now, I’ve fallen rusty and I feel like it’s starting to show on here.
Probably doesn’t help that I spend most days with just my ladybug and she’s not far enough along in talking yet to have too complex of conversations. =) Anyhow, I’ll have a prompt of some sort every week and share what I wrote in response. The point is to just take a few minutes to relax and write whatever comes to mind from the prompt. I’d really love it if you posted your response on your own page and link it up in the comments.

What’s a talent you wish you had?

I really wish I was better at cooking. Cooking is one of those things that once you start the task you generally need to finish it all at one time. Maybe I’m still getting used to this toddler tornado that runs around my house but I don’t often find a lot of time to do as much cooking and baking in the kitchen as I would like. Where we live right now there just isn’t room to have my little girl under my feet while worrying about the three different burners I have going.  I’m actually much better at baking. Toss all the yummy from scratch ingredients into the mixer then into the over. That’s mostly wait time.

My sister in law shot me an email a while about these online cooking classes she’s been taking through Roxube. They have classes on there that are so detailed such as a whole class about cooking eggs. A class strictly about the knives in your kitchen and using them correctly. This seriously blew my mind and I was thinking how is it that I haven’t truly picked up some of the very basic cooking skills and secrets. Maybe in our next house I’ll have a kitchen that is much more toddler friendly and I’ll live out my dream of homemade muffins ready for breakfast and every meal being a home run.

I’ve come a long way in cooking but I really think a lot of it has to do with us eating a lot better. It’s hard to go wrong when you’re already providing your family with fresh wholesome foods to begin with. =)

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2 Responses

  1. Shanda says:

    I absolutely feel you on this one! When VagabondHusband and I started dating, I knew maybe five or six meals well enough to cook for him. Maybe. Even those weren’t awesome. With his encouragement (he can cook anything), lots of googling, and inspiration the food we ate on our honeymoon, I’m finally branching out and taking chances in the kitchen. We should be cooking-goal buddies! lol

    • Kassie Groll says:

      It’s funny because I had actually gotten to be a really good cook and then I had my little girl who’s now 16 months old. I don’t know what happened but it was like suddenly I couldn’t really spend time in the kitchen because in the place we’re renting right now there’s no way to put up a child gate to block off the kitchen from the sitting room area. She gets into everything and it seems like I always mess something up because I’m busy with her.
      We’ve always eaten decently healthy but in the past year have started eating super healthy and more whole/raw foods and I have to relearn to cook. Plus I’ve started really enjoying foods I’ve never had before so there’s always that challenge, lol.

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