Easter Dress

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I just thought I would give you a little sneak peek of the dress I made my ladybug for Easter. I’ve never been good with surprises so I caved just a little. =)

I had to make a run to JoAnns and saw this lovely fabric in the remnant bin. It’s a very thin gauzy sort of polyester so I knew it wouldn’t work super well with the tutorials I posted earlier this week. I definitely winged it, because as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a clothing sewer. I got lucky on some parts, like the little flowy cap sleeves that just came together beautifully. The neckline is all elastic with a keyhole in the back and a snap closure. That was definitely an afterthought when I couldn’t get it on my ladybug the first try on. =) There’s also a super basic lining that’s black just so that she isn’t completely exposed.

Be sure to check in next week for an action photo of this little pretty.

I have to apologize for not posting more on here. I’ve been doing more in the kitchen this week which always makes me feel bad because I never take in-the-process photos or else I burn it. This week I made some delicious treats including homemade chocolate sauce, homemade caramel sauce, and these  drool worthy coconut macaroonsn

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  1. Becky says:

    Oh, I LOVE the little dress! So very cute and will be extra sweet on your little ‘bug’ 😉 And why didn’t I get any of those macaroons? Yum

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