Busy, Busy

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I know on your end it may seem like I haven’t been around too much but I’ve been keeping busy. I made my little bug a few more pocket diapers and had a few packages to send out for my Craftster swaps. I took some photos to post here but because my camera is quickly dying, the focus was all off and I didn’t upload them until after I had sent the packages. I made a couple of “hipslingers” and some fun pot holders. They are red with tiny white polka dots and the biding is a white with tiny lime green polka dots.

I’m also sewing a dozen diapers for another mama that is due in May. I think I could make diaper cuts in my sleep! Lol. Somewhere in between all that has been lots of laundry, major spring cleaning around the house. My husband and the guys he works with just moved into a new shop which has been so great because it’s so close to our house and little bug and I can go visit whenever we please. Plus, my hubby is enjoying the extra help while I’m there so he can end his day sooner. =)

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