Another Toddler Purse

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Not that long ago I made the cutest purse to send in a swap. My little girl was fascinated with it and carried it around EVERYWHERE. She was sad the first day or two after I mailed it out but then seemed to phase back into her other toys. Over the past week, I’ve been upgrading from my craft closet to a whole craft room. I have a gift bag that I keep all my other gifts bags in for later use. Natalia took it upon herself to take out each little bag and put a toy or two in them. She then carried them all from room to room. My upstairs level was like an Easter egg hunt of gift bags. I decided today that she needed to have her own little purse. Nothing complicated or fussy about it although I’m thinking of maybe adding Velcro as a closure because I know she likes to play with it but I’m thinking it may make her more frustrated than anything.
lady bug toddler purse

I bought this fabric right after Natalia was born to use in a quilt. I ended up changing the design of the quilt and this has been sitting and taunting me for a year.
toddler wiht play purse
She decided to use it for her coloring stuff. =)
toddler coloring

up close coloring

beautiful toddler girl
I sure do love her =)

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  1. I love that fabric! How come I don’t remember coming across that in your stash? (Did I say I looked at your stash?) Such a cute bag!

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