VDay Gift Round Up

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As I’ve mentioned before, my creativity seems to stop short when it comes to my hubby. I don’t know why, but he leaves me blank as to what to do for him for gift giving occasions. He isn’t an overly romantic guy so sometimes the ideas I see on other blogs or sources are just not the right fit for my guy. Here’s a round up thanks to Pinterest of gift ideas for you guys who may be a little less than a sappy romantic. =)
Valentine’s Kisses @ I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar
What dad wouldn’t like cute photos of their kid?
Love Note In a Bottle
Love Note In a Bottle by TortoiseLovesDonkey on Etsy
My guy loves when his gifts are practical.
This would be a great addition to the emergency car kit or camping kit.
Valentine Cake @ Giverslog
Key to a man’s heart is the stomach they say and what better presentation for a yummy cake?
Simple way to add a little V-Day to something you’re probably already planning to cook up.

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies @ Annie’s Eats
Jazz up those yummy snacks with red velvet =)

Only a few ideas, but hopefully they can be of some inspiration!

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