Project Bag Tutorial

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This is for a project bag which is generally used for carrying your knitting and crochet projects. It’s very basic and simple to make. This pattern will make a bag for a small-medium sized project.
project bag tutorial

You’ll need :
Pattern (I drew my own so here’s the basic shape your bag needs to be.)
1/2 yard cotton print
1/2 yard cotton solid
Sewing Machine
So here’s the basic shape. This pattern make a bag that is wide and short. So, if you want a larger bag, Make the body of the bag taller and the strap longer and you can keep the width the same. (Note: This is cut on the fold.)
project bag pattern template
Cut 2 pieces of the cotton solid and cotton print using pattern. I used the scrap piece formed between the two handles as a pocket for the solid inside. I wanted to be able to fit some hooks and smaller items without them getting lost in the bottom of the bag.

cut fabrics
For the pocket I cut it to be 6″ tall and left it the width it was. Place right sides together, sew qith 1/4″ allowance leaving 2″ gap. Turn right side out and press.

create pocket
Stitch along top of pocket piece.
pin pocket to bag body
Pin pocket to one cotton solid piece. Sew around sides and bottom using 1/8″ allowance.
sew along pocket side and bottom
There is a photo missing here, GAH! You’ll now want to cut off 4″ from both straps on one side.
Sew cotton solid and print right sides together along tops and insides of straps and top of bag. (Neck of purse.) Then sew along sides and bottom being sure to leave the outer side of straps open.

create straps
Use opening of long strap to turn right side out. Fold in raw edges, press and top stitch entire top of bag.

stitch together, turn and finish
Fill with your project supplies and pull long strap through short one to secure. =)

project bag tutorial
I hope this was clear enough to be useful to somebody!! 

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2 Responses

  1. I used to make bags. I haven’t made any in so long! This is a great tutorial. I may just get off my behind and make one now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I am following through Linky Followers. Hope you will visit and follow back. Thanks!

  2. This looks really cute and easy to do! I’d love to make this for my toddler to put her things in to take to the sitters. Thanks!

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