No Crying Over Spilt Milk

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I took a quick break from crafting to make a snack for my hubby and I. He was supposed to be watching our daughter but was apparently distracted by something online.
WARNING:: These photos are not the best quality because I had to act fast.. Anybody else find one of these situations lately?
Little Bug managed to pull my cutting mat off the table she’s halfway under, dragged a quilt from her room to the craft room, and had scooted my fabric scrap bin (red bin in background) to try to climb onto said table and retrieve Mommy’s glass of chocolate milk from the table.

If you look even closer you’ll notice her diaper is also hanging halfway off of her.

And she thought maybe the quilt would help clean the mess.
What’s the biggest mess your little one has made recently?

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2 Responses

  1. Crystal says:

    Oh, man! She won that game, huh? :S

  2. Kassie Groll says:

    No joke. Her diaper was quickly fixed and the milk was for the most part on the cutting mat so no harm done. I did have to wash the quilt though, but it was ready for it anyway. =)

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