2-in-1 Stroller & Messenger Bag

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I seriously fell in love when I saw what Ashley over at Make It & Love It was cooking up with her genius.
How annoying is it to go shopping and still have to carry your bags because your diaper bag is occupying the lower basket of your stroller??
Or how about trying to hang all the bags on your stroller handles? Not to mention when they hit your legs as you walk and potentially crash into the back of your stroller waking up your little one? I think you get the point.  
Either way, this bag is perfect! 
This messenger style bag has extra snapped straps that loop to hang perfectly on stroller handles, leaving your basket ready for all those little shopping bags. =)
2 in one stroller diaper bag
This is my bag I made using Ashley’s tutorial. I also added a side pocket on the outside for easy bottle storage and access.
diaper bag that hooks to stroller


diy diaper bag and matching wipes case


And I felt the need to cover a coordinating wipes case.. =)

To recover wipes case I hot glued felt onto the top to cover the smaller opening.
I then cut my fabric to cover to and bottom and to hang about halfway on the sides.
Hot glue fabric onto wipes case
Hot glue adorable trim around edges to give a finishing touch.

To make the flowers I simply used a knit fabric and used a loose basting stitch down the middle for the entire length of the strip.
Gather by pulling top thread.
I then arranged them nicely into circles/flowery shapes and hot glued it down like crazy.
Glue a coordinating button on top.

Follow this link for complete bag tutorial.

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